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Uniselen® 100NE Selenium 50 tablets immediate absorption Made in Germany for adults, teenagers 100mcg

Selenium, essential trace element, is inorganic part of the body that help build cells and fulfill many other functions, e.g. defense against pathogens.
Selenium and minerals in general cannot be produced by the body itself. The body cannot store them neither, then Selenium must be sufficiently reabsorbed through diet.
Common selenium on the market, from organic selenium compounds, is not immediately available to the metabolism.

The absorption rates of Uniselen® 100 NE selenium from sodium selenite is over 92%.
In contrast to the organic form of selenium (selenomethionine), the inorganic sodium selenite diffuses passively through the intestinal mucosa.
Inorganically bound selenium is immediately and completely bioavailable after absorption and can be used immediately for selenoprotein synthesis.

Free from: yeast, fructose, milk, lactose, GMO, gluten, animal proteins, artificial flavors, preservatives.
Each tablet of 157 mg contains 100 µg selenium (equivalent to 220 µg sodium selenite)

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