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Silicium Liquid SL200 Silicium Liquid The natural anti-aging artist


صحة البشرة والشعر والأظافر والعظام والمفاصل

Dietary supplement based on silica, vitamin K2 and D3

المكملات الغذائية السيليكا وفيتامين ك 2 وفيتامين د 3

200ml 40 days, 200 مل 40 يوما

Most conventional silica food supplements can hardly be absorbed or processed by the body. Only a limited proportion of the silicon in the starting material is released and made bioavailable.

Dr. Rilling Healthcare GmbH developed the SAM technology (Surface Activation of Minerals) which prevents the raw material from clumping and therefore becomes bioavailable.

An optimal 24-hour retarding effect is obtained.

The silicon is transported into the deep intestinal regions with food.

Silicium Liquid contains per 5 ml

50 mg silica (equivalent to 105 mg silica dioxide)
75 μg vitamin K2
20 μg 800UI vitamin D3.
Carrier is MCT oil (extracted from coconut oil and contains medium-chain triglycerides) easy to digest.
The combination of retarded silica and energy-giving MCT oil is unique:

accelerates the absorption of silica, magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorus.
increases effectiveness of ingestion.
Medium chain fatty acids are converted directly into energy not settled as body fat.
Recommended intake:

Take 5ml teaspoon daily with enough liquid at mealtimes.

Only produced with the highest degree of pharmaceutical quality exclusively with the purest raw materials of natural origin.

Free of aluminum, pesticides.

Odorless and tasteless.

Health benefits

Strong bones, Flexible joints

Silica is actually more critical than calcium for building strong bones, supports bone issues (osteoporosis), injuries (fracture, pulled muscle, dislocated joint). Silica helps joint lubrification, quicker recovery from workout and injuries, in reduction of joint pain and arthritis symptoms.

Youthful Skin, Connective tissue

Stimulates natural collagen, elasthin synthesis, improves regeneration to fewer wrinkles, tighter skin.

Builds up body’s own collagen

Without silica, the body can’t produce collagen. The stability of the connective tissue is improved with a sufficient supply of Silica a natural cellulite killer.

Hair structure strengthened

From dull hair with split ends to strong, shiny and hard-wearing hair. Positive effect on the networking of the keratin protein building blocks.

Healthy Fingernails and Toenails

From soft and brittled to strong and well-groomed-looking nails. Improved supply of nutrients to the nail bed.

Combined K2-D3 for immunity and bones, jaw bones

D3 supports an innate defense function, bone metabolism, healthy teeth.

K2 contributes to normal blood clotting, to the maintenance of healthy bones.

Memory support

Helping with connective tissue in the brain, and Aluminium excretion which counteracts neurological impairment, Silica helps supporting memory.

Metabolism support

Activates the cell structure, maintains healthy blood vessels, promotes weight and body fat reduction.

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