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The great achievement in bioavailable CoQ10

Non-alcoholic dietary supplement with Ubiquinol in ultra-small drops, and niacinamide (vitamin B3)

مكمل غذائي غير كحولي

مع اليوبيكوينول في قطرات صغيرة جدًا، و النياسيناميد (فيتامين B3)

There is no effective immune health without a well functioning mitochondria.

Mitochondria perform decisive functions in regulating innate and adaptive immune responses by
  • altering the ATP level
  • activating various metabolic pathways
  • producing reactive oxygen species ROS
  • replicating mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)

Mitochondria play a crucial role in the antiviral response.

The survival and replication of the virus depend on the energy produced by the host mitochondria. Thus, viruses can directly affect mitochondrial functions, which in turn affect immune responses.

The severity of RNA viruses is associated with the dysfunction of the immune system.

The inflammatory response depends on the innate immunity that is strongly affected by dysfunctional mitochondrial activity.

Q10 is a bioactive molecule required for the body energy generation.

  • A biocatalyst for energy production
  • A powerful endogenous antioxidant.
  • Involved in electron transport in mitochondria
  • Can regenerate oxidized vitamin E.

The Ubiquinol QuinoMit Q10® Fluid contains the coenzyme Q10 in a new liquid preparation.

The water-insoluble Q10 is brought into ultra-small “water-friendly” drops with a diameter of approx. 50 nm by forming a colloideld dispersion (in a cold melt – with no oil additives).

QuinoMit Q10® Fluid is absorbed about 8 times better than the conventional Ubiquinone Q10 form in powder capsules.

  • is mostly absorbed directly through the oral mucosa and is therefore quickly available.
  • Ubiquinol does not have to be converted in the body but can directly exert its positive effects.
  • Niacinamide reinforces the effect of Ubiquinol.
A daily intake of 5 pushes contains
  • 32.5mg Ubiquinol
  • 6.5mg niacinamide  (vitamin B3 41% RDA)
  • stabilized by soy lecithin, distributed together with niacinamide in glycerol and water.

Before first use, press the pump downwards several times until the first drop appears.

Hold the bottle upright. Press the pump until it stops and make a short break between each push.

Recommended intake:

Melt either 5 pushes under the tongue or 2 pushes + 3 pushes throughout the day.

Can be consumed independently of meals.

Free from alcohol, milk protein, milk, sugar, gluten, yeast, dye, gelatin, flavorings, colorings, and preservatives.

No foreign isomers of the Q10 molecule.

No bacterial or vegetable residues, no pesticides,

No fungicides and is highly pure by chromatography.

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