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CST334 Chlorella-Spirulina 334 tablets

The best of two worlds

The combination amplifies the benefits of a plant-based diet: 1.Detoxification 2. Nutrition 3. Prevention

Both nutrients-rich supplements with natural source of valuable bioactive substances, the mix enriches each other with their specific properties:
Chlorella for greater detox and bioavailable B12.
Spirulina for weight management, metabolism support and sports performance.
1. Effective Elimination mainly by Chlorella
Chelating cellulosic membrane binds to xenobiotics, prevent their absorption and reabsorption.
Excretes Hg Cd Pb As, dioxins, pesticides, PCB’s
Reduces heavy metals body load (min 3 months).
2. Balanced Nutrition by Chlorella and Spirulina

50% plant-based proteins, minerals Ca K Mg Zn Fe, vitamins B2 B6 B9 B12 C E K1, polyunsaturated fatty acids, dietary fibers, pigments, antioxidants.
Exceptionally rich in bioavailable vitamin B12 (120% RDA), in chlorophyll and in fibers.
Brings plant-based protein, bioavailable B12 to vegetarians-vegans diets, elderly and teens.
3. Natural Prevention by Chlorella and Spirulina

Intestinal Health

Cleanses fluids and activates excretion pathways.
Reduces bloating and gas, constipation.
Treats halitosis and other odors.
Immunity Response

Stimulate defenses in recurrent infections
Increases ATP production (Chlorella)
Gives energy to people with stress, chronic illness
Counteracts anaemia, fatigue
Weight Management – Metabolism Support

Stimulates the action of insulin.
Enhances the carbohydrate and lipid metabolisms. (4 months min), supports weight loss.
Ideal during any diet, detox, fasting period.
Anti-Aging and Chronic diseases

Chlorella Growth Factor helps regenerate tissues, cells
Natural alkalizing agents
Counteracts secondary effects resulting from oxidative stress in diabetic patients.
Spirulina activates red blood production, helps in cells revitalization,
Sports performance

Rich in iron and zinc, supports endurance levels, muscle building, recovery process.

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