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First Middle East Ceramic Implant Congress in Dubai

with world renowned speakers and four workshops.

Dental amalgam fillings release mercury above safety limits on a daily basis.

Ep. 4 of the IAOMT’s integrative health podcast Word of Mouth

A discussion with Dr. Anne Summers, PhD, about her decades of research on mercury, including information about how mercury as from dental amalgam fillings creates antibiotic multi-resistance.

S01 E04 – Anne Summers, PhD, Mercury from Amalgam Fillings Creates Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

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EMFs pollution and dental implants. Fact or Fiction?

Electromagnetic fields have become difficult to avoid. With the advent of 5G technology, it will be impossible to avoid electromagnetic fields. We are seeing more and more electro-sensitive patients. And the presence of metal in the mouth aggravates or triggers very disabling symptoms for the patient. The best solution is to remove the titanium implants which are like a real antenna in the body. And to avoid all these problems, the choice of ceramic implants is the best prevention because they do not conduct electricity. Earthing is also a very interesting technique to make patients less sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

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1st Middle East Ceramic Implant Congress #iaoci

Fascinating integrative health podcast

Algae-fueled bioreactor soaks up CO2 400x more effectively than trees

the carbon-absorbing abilities of algae may be one of the most potent tools

The most toxic nonradioactive materials known to man

Chlorella Lemon cake über alles

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